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This is a site that celebrates the 9 non-glutenous grains and their flours.

The gluten-free fad that erupted in the early 2000's was many things to many people: a lifesaver for sufferers of celiac disease, an unwholesome opportunity for quacks, a menace to wheat agro-business. Amidst this chaos, a simple yet wondrous trend percolated  below the surface: millions of people around the world were, for the first time, becoming acquainted with a whole new way of baking.

Each of the 9 Grains and their flours  -  Amaranth, Buckwheat, Corn, Millet, Oats, Quinoa, Rice, Sorghum and Teff - have unique properties and flavors. Putting these ingredients into combinations and applying cooking processes to them produces a staggering array of foods, far more than were previously available from just wheat, rye and barley. It can honestly be said that 9 Grains baking is the antidote to culinary boredom.

As a life-long home baker, visual artist, photography chemistry teacher and celiac-sufferer "foodie", I have a joyful relationship with the 9 Grain Flours, and this is what led me to create this site and its recipes. When I was forced to eschew wheat, barley and rye, I took this as a life-changing opportunity and entered professional gluten-free baking with a commitment to create great gluten-free bread. My business, Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread (subsidiary of GF Creations LLC), introduced the world to just-add-water artisan bread mixes using bake-in-a-bag technology, and flavors never experienced in or out of gluten-free-world. Beginning in 2015 I began licensing my techniques, first to My Gluten Free Bakery in London, then in 2019 to Marie Eiffel Market in the USA. During the past two years I've become an inventor of, and spokesperson for, a widening range of tasty creations using the 9 Grain Flours.

9 Grain Flours belong in every bakeshop, every home pantry. The fact that they are gluten-free is secondary to their potential. Each has a long history, and in one form or another has sustained civilizations. It's only now - and only as a result of globalization coupled with the gluten-free fad - that these wonderful, tasty ingredients are within reach. It is the purpose of this website to put them into everyday formulations, from substantial sourdoughs to airy, exquisite desserts.

I am committed to inventing with the 9 Grain Flours and to making my inventions freely available. I'm also a seasoned storyteller and experienced teacher, hence the essays that accompany each grain introduction and my willingness to help amateur and professional bakers perfect their 9 Grain techniques.

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Bake on, and stay healthy!