Since the 1970’s, this non-cereal plant has received a lot of attention. The reasons are many: Amaranth grain is packed with amino acids, giving it a uniquely whole protein content. It’s remarkably flexible - the tiny seeds can be cooked, roasted, popped, flaked, or ground into flour. Moreover, some varieties of amaranth leaves are digestible and tasty when cooked, unlike the greenery of many other grains. And there’s decorative value. Late in the summer some types of Amaranth top out at six feet and are capped with brilliant red, yellow, and orange fronds.

Plus, Amaranth has international cachet - and sympathetic history.


Return to savory in a small but delicious treat. These rolls use the same method that gives Japanese Milk bread a soft, moist crumb.

This recipe demonstrates the versatility of a "Pancake Mix" - which is fundamentally the same ingredients also used for quick breads - while also creating a fast and tasty treat. You can modify the recipe easily, doubling it for a large family, subbing coconut oil for butter, using nut or grain "milk", or varying the types of apples - all for different taste or dietary preferences.