Gluten-free flour blends that I developed for GF Creations LLC before December 2019 are manufactured and sold under my license by Marie Eiffel Market in the USA and My Gluten-Free Bakery London in the UK, EU and Switzerland. Mixes include many of the most-favored blends previously made and sold by Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Breads. Blends are listed below with hot links.

Recipes using Licensed Blends can be accessed by scrolling.

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A no-knead, no-proof, just-add-water crust recipe that produces a rich, tasty, crisp-at-the-edges pan pizza. 30 minutes from raw ingredients to finished "pie" make this the fastest, as well as the best tasting, gluten-free pizza on the planet.

Yield: one, 12-inch round or 9" X 13" pizza crust

Time to make: 5 minutes prep, 25 minutes oven dwell.

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There are few treats more sought-after or argued-over than bagels, gluten-free or otherwise. The results of this recipe, however, are inarguable: my bagels are terrific.

Tender enough to be cut with a plain knife, extremely tasty, and super-easy to make, this loaf-pan bread uses clarified butter - also known as Ghee - to enrich, bump up flavor, and reduce stickiness. Mixed by hand or with a stand mixer, and baked in a Dutch oven, paper bag, or old-fashioned roaster pan (see notes), it's minimal effort and maximum reward.

Yield: One, 22-ounce (650 gram) white sandwich loaf

Time to make: 20 minutes mix and prep. 2 hours proof. 1 1/2 hour oven dwell.