A fuss-free, tasty and very tangy sourdough starter, including instructions for "Putting to sleep" and "Waking up." 

Yield: about 2 cups "Sleeping" sourdough starter.

Time to make: 45 minutes active, spread over 4 days.

Equipment needed: Measuring Tablespoon. Stirring spoon. Plastic, stainless steel, or glass container with lid. Clean spice grinder or coffee grinder or home grain grinder.

This rice and quinoa based pre-dough is used in most sourdough bread recipes on this site. Making it is a simple process: mix dry and wet ingredients and allow time for fermentation. Pre-dough is a key ingredient for improving rise, flavor and performance in savory (and some sweet) baked goods.

A no-fuss, no-maintenance starter can liberate the 9-Grains baker. There's no feeding schedule to keep track of, no commitment to a single flavor, no big deal if the flavor isn't quite what you wanted, no need to discard the leftovers. This recipe is as simple as it gets - a vigorous great-tasting, true sourdough starter made with just flour and water and ready in three days.

Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Delicious alone, outstanding when smeared with butter, and a genuine treat for sandwiches, this basic sourdough loaf uses a neutral-tasting brown rice starter and a flavor-balanced blend of grains and starches.

Yield:  1, 22-ounce sourdough sandwich loaf.
Time to make: An hour of active time, spread over three days. Dough rest, refrigeration, and/or oven dwell times total 3 days.

The triangular shape of a shortbread cut from a circle could be called a cookie, or a biscuit. No matter the name, the result IS excellent, and the path to get there, very easy. A few minutes prep to create "sleeping" sourdough starter gives you the flour blend you need, then a short list of ingredients and a quarter-hour at the kitchen counter yield days worth of treats. You'll never look at plain old rice flour the same way again.

Yield:  Eight, 1-ounce triangular shortbreads.

Using the same ingredients and processes that produce a very tart loaf, a slight shift in strategy transforms sour to not-sour. This bread finishes faster, has a drier crumb, and can be easily modified for personal preference.

Yield:  one, 8 ounce (225 gram) loaf.
Time to make: 30 minutes active. 1 hour proof. 60 minutes baking. (see notes)

This tart and tasty but very easy loaf uses a whole-grain quinoa sourdough starter described HERE. The bread rises entirely from natural leavens, a process that takes longer than bread leavened with commercial yeast. At room temperature (72 F) the loaf will be ready to bake in about 7 hours. If you have a "Bread proof" oven setting (100 F), that time can be cut to 3 hours. Baking in a pouch or bag as described ensures a crispy crust.


This big, tasty hemisphere is a surprisingly easy project. An energetic pre-dough, made from natural sourdough starter, provides great flavor and vigorous rise,. This bread yields solid, sandwich-perfect slices, is very slow to stale, and resists mold. Leave it on your kitchen counter and slice as needed - it's good for a minimum of 4 days.


Yield: one, 16-ounce sourdough Boule - enough bread for two adults to enjoy for three days.

This attractive, unusual bread gets its dark lilac hue from fresh-ground black rice flour. Leavened with quinoa sourdough starter and shaped into a fat hemisphere, it's tasty, rich and very slow-to stale. The solid crumb makes for easy slicing as thin or thick as you want, and the loaf is big enough to yield full-size sandwiches

Yield: one, 16-ounce sourdough Boule - enough bread for two adults to enjoy for three days.

These potato-softened buns are a delight for children and seniors alike, providing a welcome, tender wrap for your favorite tube steak. This dough can be portioned into burger buns or loaf bread too, all of which taste great, hold up to the chewiest, most mustard-drenched meat treats, and freeze easily.