This attractive, unusual bread gets its dark lilac hue from fresh-ground black rice flour. Leavened with quinoa sourdough starter and shaped into a fat hemisphere, it's tasty, rich and very slow-to stale. The solid crumb makes for easy slicing as thin or thick as you want, and the loaf is big enough to yield full-size sandwiches

Yield: one, 16-ounce sourdough Boule - enough bread for two adults to enjoy for three days.

This rice and quinoa based pre-dough is used in most sourdough bread recipes on this site. Making it is a simple process: mix dry and wet ingredients and allow time for fermentation. Pre-dough is a key ingredient for improving rise, flavor and performance in savory (and some sweet) baked goods.

Sometimes described as a way to dispose of extra sourdough starter, these English Muffins are far too sophisticated to be thus diminished. They're infused with tartness - which you can control, see instructions below - and tenderized by the biology of natural leavens. Most importantly, they're chock-a-block with nooks and crannies, and they taste exceptional!

Yield: Six, 2-ounce English Muffins.

A no-fuss, no-maintenance starter can liberate the 9-Grains baker. There's no feeding schedule to keep track of, no commitment to a single flavor, no big deal if the flavor isn't quite what you wanted, no need to discard the leftovers. This recipe is as simple as it gets - a vigorous great-tasting, true sourdough starter made with just flour and water and ready in three days.